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June Poems

New poems for June. Enjoy!

My book of poems A Year of Days is now available in paperback and ebook editions at AMAZONBARNES & NOBLEBOOKLOCKERITUNES and KOBO. Enjoy the book as well!


Three weeks
start to finish
project on the mind
too much like a job
takes time to settle back
easy doing nothing.

Too restless to sit
at a desk at a window
morning spent weeding
kneeling in dirt
humid hot sweaty
a long while still.

1 - before

2 - after

The cutworm

Colorful coleus
droops and drops
its leaves shriveled
pulled up no roots
cutworm curled
white and engorged
bottom of the hole.
Incipient moths
got to eat.

Besame mucho

Afternoon drops
begin to pound
birds head for cover
in the trees
under eaves
skies emptied
save gray mist.
Están lloviendo
hasta maridos
the saying goes
in Spanish
it’s even raining husbands.
Rite over
the yigüirro sings
besame mucho.

A new book of poems

A woman’s gnarly wilderness
Siberian Meadows south Sierras
aeons sit with boulders.
Elwa the Olympics north
Cascades cold and mist.
Freer in DC mountains
rivers without end.
A Mexican wadi and friends
the self soon gone.
Ancient Thebes Rome too torn
asunder by the hounds.
Santa Fe long ago
sorting out the races.
Kerala on the Malabar Coast
the ladies like their husbands.
Dawn in Madagascar
sunrise dew drying.
Stoney Umbria Tuscany
a wooden California.
Nevada County canyon chants
an Emperor’s sword.
Sancho’s Tacos North Tahoe dusk
Obata’s woodblock Yosemite.
Morning songs Goose Lake
high Oregon desert.
Mendocino beach in the fog
Eiffel Tower and tundra.
Botswana Kalahari mons
striped shaved and plucked.
Hai-en temple Korea carved
birch blocks eighty thousand
hold the Three Baskets.
Firenze before David
lets fly his stone.
Six old Chines persimmons
in Kyoto in a hall
Kitkitkdizze on a wall.
Praha a stone bridge
stretches over the Vlatava.
At Delphi the shrine remembers
a passion’s first greening.
Thick-barked sequoias watch
the land flow and burn.
Sella in the Dolomites
four thousand years
since a man passes over.
Kobuk kids schooled simple truths
south of Alaska tree line.
Rome to Pitigliano
across a blue-domed Po.
Love breaths a last breath
pain the price of attachment.
All this and more
present moment reading
a window a hillside
beyond the wild sky
a new book of poems.

The dinner party

Monday afternoon coming
a dinner party
Lenny and Joan
love to eat know food
good cooks too
house guest Hannah
young woman from Germany
and Suzanne and Herbert
Swiss from Atenas.

Something special
home made pasta
fresh and simple
duck eggs for the noodles
María raises ducks
at the Finca Organica
on the ridge above San Luis
plum tomato sauce
Italian sausage shaped by hand
fennel seed and chili flakes
pork fresh ground
twenty percent fat
by Isidro the butcher
at Carnes Colón
in town Friday
for afternoon feria.

Sunday a kitchen morning
make sausage season
cook a tidbit taste
’til it’s just right.
Other tasks too
cut up a lomito
for the freezer
little steaks tie a roast
trimmings for sauté
scraps for the dogs
A lomo de cerdo too
half with the tenderloin
roast to share
medallions for everyday
bits for lunch
tacos and burritos
bones for stock.
Carve off the white fat
render slow on stove top
strain out the brown chunks
special treat for the pups
precious lard reserved
shells for quiche
refry black beans.

Party day morning
brown the sausage
braise covered in stock
dip tomatoes
twenty seconds
in boiling water
slip off skins
fingertip out seeds
dice and soften onion
in a big splash of olive oil
two cloves of garlic
tomatoes white wine
simmer gently briefly
just ‘til it tastes done
coarsely purée.
Roll out pasta dough
cut & dry on hangers
rod in the guest bath.
Arriving right at noon
white wine and chatter
wurst cheese best bread.
Boil fettuccine
just a few seconds
drain toss with oil
plate & ladle red sauce
sprinkle fresh basil
cut with scissors
so not to bruise
Zarcero parmesano
brown sauce the sausage
toast Montepulciano
Italian earth.
Hanna tastes
drops her head
a deep sigh.
Herbert breaks out
an old German song
all sing along
a Cajón afternoon.




North American
doing t’ai chi
practice brought
far from the east.
A bird perches
on a branch clear
in the top of a tree
all stop to see.

Fetch binoculars.
Note features.
Consult field guide.
Flash of blue wing
Red eye ring makes clear
White-fronted parrot.
Book says belongs
Guanacoste Pacific coast
extranjero here.

Working the soil

Planting portulaca
rare dry afternoon
soil well drained
despite yesterday’s rain
grainy and crumbly
no puddle no mud.

Oregon clay dropped
by Missoula floods
clings heavy to boots
can’t work the soil
halfway through spring.
Raise up the beds
fence high against deer
soil compost sweetened
sheep manure and straw
dries out and warms early.
Tomatoes in greenhouse
set out in May
the long summer days
grow heavy with ripe fruit
stretching in cages
higher than your head.

Let the grass grow
between vineyard rows
close enough mowed
the walking is easy
down a green carpet
December days
layered against cold
pruning and pulling
pale winter light.
Earbuds on Saturdays
Prairie Home Companion
American Routes
the time flows.

Moss rose doesn’t mind
deluge or drought
thrives warm and sun
not cold or tread on
blooms midmorning
throws a thick mat
placeholds the soil
with just a little help
crowds out the weeds.

Solstice valentine

Baking parchment
folded and cut
grade school valentine
plop in the middle
thick piece of marlin
steeped in soy
chili oil and sesame
lemon grass and ginger
julienne carrots
red peppers and onion
an anchovy filet
punch up the flavor
fold round the edges
hot oven ten minutes
puffy and brown
open with scissors
sprinkle green parsley
embrace aromas
spoon steamed rice
Kimberley and Roy
a foodie solstice.


El veranillo de San Juan

Near two weeks
little or no rain.
Groove-billed anis
squip the cool shadows
the hot afternoon.


Socks paired a dozen
black cotton folded
tucked in a drawer
a year now or more.
Sandal toes free
and garden clogs
around the house
feet full bare.

Shower stall rod
a spare closet
creased trousers
and sports coats
a leather jacket
growing white
await a date
never coming.


June turns July
butterflies thicken
flirting lantana
rabo de gato.

Passionflowers vine
a tender green
toothsome pasture
teeming larvae.

Ebook “A Year of Days” now available

Great news! The ebook edition of “A Year of Days” is now available.