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Diary: el Cajón de Grecia, February 2017

Not much production this last month. Irina and I were hosting Bryan and Chris, long-time friends from Seattle and Oregon days, for a couple of weeks. We didn’t do much, mostly hanging around the neighborhood enjoying la pura vida, meeting with our Costa Rica friends, exchanging dinner dates and going out to local restaurants from time to time. Friday nights at Isabel’s was of course a highlight, as always.

I have only one poem from February:

Barely stirred

days pass
barely stirred
by touch of breeze

tree-perched orchids
effloresce their sex
and lantana aflame
mounted and freshened
flutterers in palette
of youth suckled
on vines of passion

a clay colored thrush
plumage still fluffy
sits below the plate window
stunned eyes lowered
on morning warm tile
for a while then gone
only sign left
a drop of puddle
mostly white

I did manage to go through once again the whole of  Rosibel Morera’s book Yo sólo sé decirme a los amantes,


correcting typos and improving on the translations. Here’s one of her poems on a similar theme:


ya el animal satisfecho
las demandas
y urgencias cumplidos
me apresto a la verdad

allí donde no se dice nada
pues nada hay que decir



now the beast sated
its demands
and urgencies fulfilled
I ready for the reality

there where nothing is said
since nothing needs saying


The translations are now being reviewed by a native Spanish-speaking friend, Justa Solano. I haven’t yet met Sra. Morera in person. Justa knows her from university. I hope to arrange to meet her soon, and that she will be interested in publishing a Spanish/English edition.