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Diary: El Cajón de Grecia, December 2018

Just one poem for this month, a reworking of “The doggess of dawn.” I’ve been gnawing away at  it for months now. I’m liking this version better.

Happy and prosperous New Year!


The doggess of dawn

Eyelids fall
sprinkled of stardust
the mind unmoored
shifter of shapes
straying through scenes
spun of the ether
deep into night.

Glow of first light
a tongue rose tinted black
tickles the left elbow
drawing the dreamer
back to a presence
seemingly solid.
Bela’s eyes quick
her being a smile
wake up get up
then turning about
presenting her tail
curves back her head
posing a question
as to her haunches.

Dreams run short
even a doggess
a few words written
the only trace
tracings in turn
fade forgotten.

Days, nights
gray, then gone
march on.
Scribbled in pencil
scribed in stone
that which once was
never more known.