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Diary: El Cajón de Grecia, May 2019

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And please, leave a review at Goodreads and Amazon.

I have a new poem for May. It’s probably not finished yet. It’s about a crazy ride to the airport. I think it’s kind of fun.

Mr. Toad’s wazy ride

Martina and Mike flying in
muling a new Mac
busted at customs.

Martina calls in dismay.
You’ll have to go to la duana
speaking to Irina
pay the duties, the fees
they’ll then hand it over.

In the car, down the hill
Grecia, the autopista
customs somewhere near the airport
Juan Santamaría
the drive less than an hour .
Pass the Cacique plant
cross the river, up the hill
at the crest cars coming back.
The road’s closed, people wave
an accident, a bad one
police cars, ambulances
strobing lights and sirens
shrieking behind us.

U-turn, cut across
To Tacares, Alajuela
the old road two lanes
twisty roller-coaster.
Outskirts of the city
traffic congeals
turn to Waze to find a way
avoid the clog of downtown.
Neighborhood streets
barely two cars wide
workshops, warehouses
turn left and right as instructed
knowing not where or why.
A bus stops, people climb
off and on as cars pile up.
Trucks turn, corners tight
cars scramble out of the way.
A van pulls up, stops the lane
driver hopping a delivery
scrambled mess left in the streets.
Car hijacked, Mr. Toad
lost in wind and willows
a long waze from Disney.

Spit from the labyrinth
at an arcane bridge
slip over the pista
sneak through a back door
the airport, la duana
a tiny office, shared
barely room for two desks.
There on the floor
sits the seized computer
new in its box.
A sheaf of papers
list items, charges
two hundred mil colones
ransom the bootleg.

Phone smart but dead
return using the head
trace lost, at last see
PriceSmart sign stretching high
knowing now the road back home
craving calm
soothing drink.

Larry talking, Friday night
dinner table, Isabel’s
Jorge the driver
his route to the airport.
You know the curve, La Sirena
where the hookers hang out
hotpants, high heels.
Go down, across the river
climb the hill, up to the top
barrio San José de Alajuela
turn left, but be careful
not the first left, that’s Infiernillo
the second left, go past the ibais
through Pueblo Nuevo
to the turn to Automercado
but instead of left, take the right
just after the bridge, another right
to Calle Cuatro, cut straight through
and past downtown, the road goes
by Walmart, across the overpass
the entrance to the airport.

The algorithm, simple:
skirt the city
then plunge straight through.