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Diary: El Cajón de Grecia, June 24 2020

I’m going to try a little different format, I’ve not been happy with posting prospective chapters, too much revising still needing to be done. I’m going to try raw diary entries for a while, hopefully often, see how that goes.

June 24

My writing has been a mess. I find myself wanting to do anything but sit at my desk and work. This form of writing is so different from how I experience poetry. With poetry, you have to be receptive. With this, it’s like I’m trying to dominate, to force something to take shape against its will. I was thinking this morning, lying in bed before getting up. I’m going to set my project aside for a while and just write what I’m compelled to at that moment and worry about what form it might take – if any – later.

And of course what is compelling at the moment is this pandemic and the response to it, around the world, what it’s revealing about and doing to our political and economic systems.

Over 36,000 new cases in the States yesterday. Wow. Just wow. And nobody’s doing anything about it. The government – or what passes for government – is just shrugging its shoulders and letting her rip. The southern states are becoming the new hot spots.

Costa Rica a couple of weeks ago almost had the virus squashed, just a couple or few new cases daily. But now we’ve seen fresh outbreaks, first along the border with Nicaragua, this last week community transmission within the Metropolitan area. Fifty, a hundred new cases every day. So restrictions are being tightened up again. Masks required in public places. Non-essential businesses in “orange zones” required to close early during the week, to close over the weekend. More driving restrictions.

Irina and I have been really careful about going out, being around other people. You get used to it, it begins to seem normal. Not doing much of anything. Puttering around. Enjoying music, reading, the dogs, each other’s  company. Just being  as the days pass by.

We’ve had a few dinners with friends, only two at a time, just four people at a table, people we trust to have been careful. The other night, Don and Karen. We hadn’t seen them in what, three months? It was really nice to talk, to spend time together.

Is there some kind of brain worm that is running rampant in the States, infecting people and dangerously warping their perceptions of reality? It’s hard to believe that humans can be so thoughtless and inconsiderate. But then again, that has happened over and over again throughout history, no? Yet another ugly episode, still unfolding.

Be careful, stay healthy, and keep in touch.