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El Cajón de Grecia, April 4 2021

I have a new poem for the holiday. It may even be finished.

A walk to the waterfall

In the morning we’re going 
to walk to the waterfall 
she says.
Myself, Marilyn, Paul, Shamroe.
we’ve never found the way
but Ligia will guide us.
Perhaps the hike 
will inspire a new poem.
Would you like to come along?
anticipating the answer.

Consider for a moment
the trek unfolding.
Girls together, in front
bubbling chatter.
Paul and Shamroe buddied up
talking whatever it is
that guys talk about.
The poet off
someplace else.

I think I’ll stay home.
Joe should be coming
to patch the portico.
Isaac will be here
working the garden.
Diego might show
to fix the clothes dryer.
And Marlene, it’s her morning
cleaning the house.
You all go along
have a good time.

‘Bye Baby she says 
from the driveway leaving
to join up with the others.
Joe had texted
he wouldn’t be coming.
Isaac had switched days.
Diego called to say 
he’d be here next week.
Marlene, she’s here
will welcome a ride 
up the hill when done.

The casita, the desk
on the screen a blank page.
In the loft, the kitty
awakes from her nap
slips from her pouf 
clomps down the stairs
hops onto the desk.
Her moist nose rubs mine
asking that her fur
thick and fine 
be brushed and picked
of burr and bramble.
She flops down purring
twists and turns
from side to side
the while flicking her tail
her task, licking
washing her ears.
Primping complete
she curls to a comma
at the corner of the desktop
and paw over face
her eyelids drop.

As soon as I rise 
from the swivel chair
Marlene near done
Viva quick stakes her claim.
Viva, Queen of the Office Chair
The portico now has a cap over the swimming pool

¡Pura vida! Enjoy the holiday.

Credits: Photos by Irina