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Diary: El Cajón de Grecia, August 26, 2021

We had a little celebration the other night in honor of two of our friends joining the circle of those of us in our 70s. ¡Felicitaciones, Jim and Marilyn!

The dessert course, cheesecake by Jane

We roasted a leg of lamb for the main course.

Carved and ready to serve. Photo by Marilyn.

The dogs and the kitty discovered they loved lamb, too!

Ha! The dogs already knew.

Sadly, not all of us make it to seventy. A friend of ours died last week at the tender age of sixty-nine. I wrote a poem about her passing.


I remember a friend
she said to me once
I believe we become
the fruit of our choices.

One day, wobbly
she went to a doctor
sent to a hospital
a week of tests
a tumor, glioma
top of her brainstem.

A handful of weeks 
to vegetable
another of days 
become dead.

We’ll miss her.

Credits: Photos by Irina

Diary: El Cajón de Grecia, August 16, 2021

Typical August rainy season weather: warm, clear morning, clouding up around noon, thundershowers in the afternoon easing up by evening. Pleasant.

At the feria last Friday Irina pointed out something that I hadn’t noticed before: a series of colorful, themed murals painted on the wall facing the parking area that stretches along the adjacent little river.

Each week Irina buys tropical flowers to arrange around the house. Theo grows them and brings them up from the Caribbean side to sell at the market. They are irresistibly inexpensive.

Theo and his tropical flowers

Rosibel Morera and I have been working with Rafa at Outlier Legal Services to get her book of poetry and my translations published, both as ebooks and as printed books, in markets throughout the Americas and in Europe as well. I think her works are original and extraordinary, and demand a wider audience. Here’s a little sample.


        Poet, hermaphrodite word

I prefer to think that poets come not from the heavens
but from aspiration for the heavens.

Another thing would be to accept they travel alone
bearing the winged hunger that burns them.

I don't want to think of their condition of excessive candor
as a punishment.


        Poeta, palabra hermafrodita

Prefiero pensar que los poetas no provienen del cielo
sino de la aspiración del cielo.

Otra cosa sería aceptar que van solas
llevando el hambre alada que las quema.

No quiero pensar en su condición de candor excesivo
como un castigo.

Two of my books – Sketches of Poás and The Book of Noah – are now available for free at Apple Books. I’m working on getting Meanders and A Year of Days available there for free as well. All of my books are now available for free as downloadable pdf files at my “Get My Books” page. They can be comfortably read if you have a decent pdf reader on your computer (Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free), or you can convert the pdf files to MOBI or ePub files to easier reading on your Kindle (MOBI) or other reader.

When we have the permissions all lined up, we’ll make Rosibel Morera’s book Yo sólo sé decirme a los amantes (I Can Only Sing of Lovers) available as well.

So please, feel free to download and read any and all of my books. I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts.

¡Pura vida!

Credits: Photos by Irina